10 Best Music Apps Every Band Member Should Try

October 14, 2018

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Music in itself is a life for me. This is what I live for and grateful for. Ever since I started publishing online, I’ve been asked multiple times about the music apps I use, so here I bring you my favorite ones. I certainly don’t have them all installed on my iPhone at same time, but I keep them switching like I keep switching b/w Spotify and Apple Music. All these apps are available on Apple store and Google Playstore.

Here are the top 10 music dating apps for musicians:

1. Apple Music. Built by Apple, this music streaming app is a free app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It also has a paid version which offers a host of other features for users who are more passionate about music. You can create custom playlists and choose from over 30 million songs. The app analyses your listening habits and suggests similar songs to you. You can also try out specific content added to the app by your favourite artists and check out the radio station also.

2. Spotify. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Spotify is a very popular music app that has a free version as well as a paid version. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook and also offers millions of new and old songs to choose from. The app also has a DJ mode for parties and an option to choose and discover personalized playlists according to your music preferences. The mobile app is updated very frequently to bring new features to the users and make it more user-friendly.

3. Amazon Music. This music app from Amazon is free for users who take the Amazon Prime subscription and offers an ad-free experience for the Prime users. It is also available on Android and iOS platforms and helps you play the songs by downloading them for offline use. The app has more than 1 Million songs, albums, and playlists which you can access easily through the simple user interface of the app. It is not available for people who do not have the Amazon Prime membership.

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4. Google Play Music. A music app by Google, the Google Play Music app has a unique feature which allows you to upload songs from your library to a cloud storage locker so that you can listen to them freely and even download them. With 30 million songs to choose from and the freedom to create your own radio stations, this app is a favourite among music lovers for its useful features and seamless user interface. Paid users also get access to the premium service of YouTube called the YouTube Red Service.

5. YouTube Music. Another music app from Google, YouTube Music allows the users to check out the music library of YouTube and stream music videos and you can create your own online station with your preferred videos. Subscribers who have access to the premium YouTube Red service get an ad-free experience and can listen to the music offline as well. They can also listen to the audio-only version of their favourite music videos and skip the video downloads.

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6. Napster. Previously known as Rhapsody, the Napster app transformed itself from a file sharing app to a music app and is now one of the most popular online music apps. It is available on both platforms and helps the users stream music very easily and listen to it offline also. The app has a music library that contains more than 30 million songs and has an ad-free interface. This app is a paid app and does not have a free version.

7. SoundCloud. If you like to listen to artists that create great music but do not enjoy as much popularity as some of the other music artists, SoundCloud is a great music app for discovering new artists and playlists. New music is being uploaded on the app every minute and you can also upload your own creations directly through your smartphone after recording them. Premium users get access to the ad-free version and can listen to music offline also.

8. Shazam. A really unique music app, Shazam helps you identify tunes as you can simply hold your phone towards the tune and the app will identify the tune for you. It also lets you discover other people around you who are using this app. It can be connected to other music apps like Spotify and Pandora to directly add these identified tunes to your music library. The app is free and is available on all operating platforms.

9. iHeartRadio. An app that combines the functionality of a smartphone with the charm of a radio, iHeartRadio helps you listen to your favourite radio stations directly on your phone or tablet. It also creates customized playlists based on your interest and segments these playlists based on your moods. It has a free version as well as a premium version and the paid version allows you to download music offline and replay tracks that appeal to you.

10. Qello. A music app for concert lovers, Qello helps you listen to famous concert recordings and concerts-related documentaries also. The free version of the app lets you listen to the free concert recordings and tracks from some of the other famous concerts. The paid version is also quite affordable and you can get an unlimited pass to listen to all the concerts available in the music library of the app.

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