15 Reasons to Date Someone in a Band

October 22, 2018

Ever wondered about dating a member? I’ve been on date with a lot of girls expressing me how they always have this thought of dating a band member. I asked them the reasons and it mainly concluded to that band guys have different seductive persona which makes them magnet to girls. And, I totally agree with their opinions. However, there is more reasons to date someone and below are those 15 reasons.

1. They will always have a great music collection.

Trust a musician to always carry a great music library with them wherever they go. You will never complain again about not having some nice music to listen to. They can also create some music on the go to woo their love.

2. You get to go backstage.

You are going to enjoy some privileges that others do not have access to. You get to go backstage as part of the band’s crew and can experience all the action that happens backstage.

3. You get to see them perform live on stage.

There is always something special about seeing your partner perform live on stage. This can be the defining moment in a musician’s career and you will be there to support him and cheer him or her from the front row in the audience.

4. You get some space for yourself.

Musicians need their own space to let their creative juices flow and in this process, they also give their partner equal space. This will ensure that you do not feel suffocated in the relationship and it grows at its own pace.

5. They always have a close-knit group of friends you can hang out with.

Band members are very close and this small but close-knit group can become like your family in no time. You will always have some great friends to hang out with and their partners to share your experiences with.

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6. Musicians always sound sexy and intelligent.

It takes a lot of determination and diligence to create music and musicians always have a sexy voice which can be a turn-on for you. They are intelligent but allow their emotional side to be seen as well.

7. They let you explore your creative side as well.

They will always encourage you to follow your dreams and passions as they do and you can enjoy a break from all the work and play with some creative ideas. Your partner will support these ideas genuinely since they understand the whole process.

8. They have great hand-eye coordination.

Musicians and artists are quick-witted and can act on their feet. They are great in terms of coordination and you will never complain about how their actions and thoughts never match. They are not the most organised lot but they will also never complain about lack of cleanliness.

9. They exude confidence like it’s nobody’s business.

Band members are very confident in whatever they do. They will never be the person who stands in a corner being a wallflower but will take the center stage at any party you go to. They will be a conversation starter and good food and music will always be present when they are around.

10. You might feature in some of their songs.

You are the muse behind their creations and there are chances that you will feature in one of their songs that they wrote about you and this relationship. These songs will not only show you their love for you but will also serve as a keepsake for the future.

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11. You never know they might make it really big in the music world.

It might happen that the person you are dating is the next Beyonce or Justin Bieber if you support them with all your heart and help them in pursuing their dreams. They will never forget your contribution in their success journey. You should not date someone with this intention but a little recognition never hurts anybody.

12. The celebrity status you get at gigs makes you feel nice.

As a partner of the band member, you will always get a special treatment whenever you attend a concert or a band performance. Nobody hates extra attention and this will also make you feel really special during the whole performance.

13. They do not care about what people say.

One great thing about artists is that they have heard so much about themselves from others that they stop caring about what people say about them which is a great thing to learn if you want to live your life peacefully.

14. You can jam together if you are also into music.

If you create a new tune and want to try it even at midnight, you will always have a partner for your jamming sessions. You can share your passion for music with someone who really understands it.

15. Musicians are one of the sweetest people you can find.

The one thing that musicians will always have is a clean heart filled with kindness. They are so well in touch with their emotions that it pains them to see somebody in sorrow or misery. You will not find any hatred for others in their hearts, just pure unadulterated love for music and passion for making it reach millions of other people.

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