Does Your Product Have What It Takes To Be VITA Powered?

The VITA Powered™ platform fills the current gap in convenient personal identification

The licensable VITA Powered Platform allows 3rd parties to integrate VITA's utility patent pending platform into new and pre-existing consumer products and make items such as watches, running accessories, iPod/iPhone cases, exercise apparel, key chains, jewelry and more VITA Powered.

VITA Products is actively fielding licensing and OEM offers from top consumer brands.

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Vita News

Deseret News
I consider myself a pretty safe runner. I never wear headphones, I usually run against the flow of traffic, I wear bright clothing, I choose routes with the least amount of traffic and I always keep...
Women’s Running
Wear this simple band for safety, convenience and cash on the run. The Nathan VITAband features a VISA prepaid Chip, so you can leave your debit card at home. The bracelet also carries secure...
vandam go' by rumbatime new york-based watch design studio rumbatime has created 'vandam go'-- a wristwatch that functions as not only a timepiece, but a bank card and emergency response profile as...